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The Stair Robot is a powerful yet easy to handle item of moving equipment...
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The Stair Robot SR Express

The Stair-Robot SR Express is a battery-powered stair climber trolley device designed for day-to-day distribution.
This compact and lightweight stairclimber can handle unit loads up to 150 Kg. The drive unit can be used to easily lift or lower the SR Express with or without a load from a van or pick-up truck.

Two basic techniques are used to move a load up or down the stairway:

The SR Express is designed for a one man operation. It features several operator friendly functions and options including fast removable battery packs, remote control, different types of wheels, height adjustable platform and adjustable handles.

The SR Express has a rotating arm handle that can be fixed in any position. Fixed in 45 (deg) for use on the staircase in flat position and folded away for use on ground level. The arm is fixed by turning the handle.

Specifications SR Express
Maximum Capacity flat on staircase - upright (kg) 110
Maximum Capacity flat on staircase - flat (kg) 150
Maximum Capacity adjustable platform - upright (kg) 100
Maximum Capacity adjustable platform - flat (kg) 150
Speed position 1 (mtr/p/min) 7.5
Speed position 2 (mtr/p/min) 4.5
Number of floors with 2 battery packs (floors) 20
Height (mm) 1445
Width (mm) 400
Depth (mm) 240
Wheelbase length (mm) 550
Wheelbase height (mm) 250
Wheelbase Depth (mm) 80
Drive Unit length (mm) 640
Drive Unit width (mm) 330
Drive Unit depth (mm) 120
Platform length (mm) 390
Platform width (mm) 290
Adjustable Platform length (mm) 390
Adjustable Platform width (mm) 290
Weight (kg) 29

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